Dear Parents, 

As the doctors' schedules may change, please call the clinic before your arrival

Thank You.

Branch - Novena

Dr. Vera Oh is available in our new branch (Mt.Elizabeth Novena) from 5 Jan 2015 onwards. 

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Bhavani and Dr. Pratibha will be joining our team of doctors from

16 Jan 2015 onwards.   

Branch - Parkway Parade

14 Mar 2015 (Saturday)

Please walk-in before 10:30am as we expecting an early closure. 

Dr. Kenny Ee will cease his night clinic at Parkway Parade branch from 12 Dec 2014.

W e l c o m e

Welcome to Kinder Clinic! One of Singapore’s largest children’s clinic, we have 15 doctors based in 7 clinics located all over the island. We provide the full range of paediatric services from newborn intensive care to general paediatrics to various paediatric sub-specialities like allergy/immunology, nephrology, haematology/oncology, respiratory and gastroenterology.

We also have the Kinder Medical Group, which is involved in the set-up and running of several hospitals overseas.

Please explore our website, meet our doctors, visit our clinics, read about our publications or pay any of our branches a visit.

Leave Schedule

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Kinder Clinic Branches

New Branch (Mt. Elizabeth Novena)

We are delighted to inform you that the Kinder Clinic Novena branch at 38

Irrawaddy Road, #04-23 Mt Elizabeth Novena, Singapore 329563 is now open.

For further details of doctors’ schedules

and operating hours please call the clinic

at 6268 5441.

Dr. Bhavani

   21 Mar - 23 Mar

Dr. Vera Oh

    12 Mar - 22 Mar

Dr. Cheng Tai Kin

    17 Mar - 20 Mar

    19 Mar (Night Clinic is open)

Dr. Lee Chien Yee

   14 Mar - 18 Mar

    2 Apr (2pm onwards) - 15 Apr

Dr. Kenny Ee

    9 Apr - 12 Apr

Dr. Kumar

    9 Apr - 12 Apr

Dr. Siva

    16 Apr - 22 Apr

Dr. Darryl Lim

    23 Apr from 8am till 1pm

Dr. Terence Tan

    14 Mar - 22 Mar

Dr. Lim Kwang Hsien

    16 Mar - 18 Mar

Dr. Vasanthi

   14 Mar (12pm onwards)

    30 Apr (1pm onwards) - 10 May

    18 Jul (1pm onwards) - 3 Aug


Kinder Clinic is now open at

Mount Elizabeth - Novena!