Dear Parents, 

As the doctors' schedules may change, please call the clinic before your arrival

Thank You.   

Branch - Parkway East

We are delighted to announce that Dr.Pradeep Raut is joining our team of doctors.  He will commence his clinic session with us from 28 Oct 2014 onwards.

Dr. Lim Kwang Hsien will cease his night clinic at Parkway East branch from 13 Nov 2014.

Branch - Parkway Parade

On Saturday, 29 Nov 2014, Dr.Vasanthi will be in the clinic from 10:30am onwards.  Please walk-in before 11:30am.

Thank you. 

W e l c o m e

Welcome to Kinder Clinic! One of Singapore’s largest children’s clinic, we have 13 doctors based in 6 clinics located all over the island. We provide the full range of paediatric services from newborn intensive care to general paediatrics to various paediatric sub-specialities like allergy/immunology, nephrology, haematology/oncology, respiratory and gastroenterology.

We also have the Kinder Medical Group, which is involved in the set-up and running of several hospitals overseas.

Please explore our website, meet our doctors, visit our clinics, read about our publications or pay any of our branches a visit.

Leave Schedule

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On Leave:

Kinder Clinic Branches

Dr. Vasanthi

Dec. 24 (1pm onwards) - Jan. 1

Dr. Darryl Lim

Dec. 13 - Dec. 29

Dr. Siva

Dec. 23(5pm onwards) - Jan. 04

Dr. Cheng Tai Kin

Nov. 24(1pm onwards) - Nov. 30
Dec. 12(1pm onwards) - Dec. 23

Dr. Kenny Ee

Dec. 6(1pm onwards) - Dec. 25

Dr. Gong Wei Kin

Dec. 21 - Dec. 28

Dr. Terence Tan

Dec. 4(5pm onwards) - Dec. 18

Dr. Pradeep Raut

Dec. 13 (2pm onwards) - Dec. 17