Common Conditions

  • Cough and cold

  • Sore throat

  • Fever 


Useful INFO:


Dr. Dawn Lim

Fees for Follow up Consults


$60 - $80




Medications prescribed are for self-collection only. 

Telemedicine Tool

Patients are required to download the application eHealth Assist and register.



- Register/Create an account for your kid(s)

- Book an Appointment and you will receive a confirmation on the timing.

- Payment of fees done via credit card

  • Sleep issues

  • Allergies / Eczema

Kinder Clinic is now offering the telemedicine service to existing patients, for follow up consults. We understand the concerns of parents dealing with the COVID19 situation, hence this service is aimed to help our patients who prefer to do a virtual follow up consultation.​​


The telemedicine service will enable our Doctors and parents to have access to each other for the necessary consultations required in caring for the children.

While the consultations will be via video calls, rest assured that the Kinder Clinic service standards will be maintained and adhered to.

Good to know:

  • Emergency cases are not recommended for Telemedicine service.

Quick overview​ of the process:

  • Download the app

  • Register your child 

  • Book an Appointment and wait for the confirmation

  • Once confirmed, you will be notified for your queue.

  • Enter the video call, wait for the Doctor to join.

  • Payment

  • Medication collection (if any)