Kinder Clinic

Welcome to Kinder Clinic! One of Singapore’s largest children’s clinic, we have 18 doctors based in 7 clinics located all over the island. We provide the full range of paediatric services from newborn intensive care to general paediatrics to various paediatric sub-specialities like:

  • Allergy / Immunology

  • Rheumatology

  • Nephrology, Haematology / Oncology

  • Respiratory and Gastroenterology

  • Paediatric Infectious Disease

  • Peadiatric Travel Clinic

Please explore our website, meet our doctors, read about our publications or pay any of our branches a visit.

Our Services


  • Care of the newborn infant

  • Intensive care and transport​


General Paediatrics

  • The acutely ill child

  • Infant and child development


        *Travel Medicine and Vaccination

Sub-Specialty Paediatrics

  • Nephrology (Kidney Disorder)

  • Respiratory Medicine

  • Allergy and Immunology

  • Rheumatology

  • Dermatology

  • Growth and Endocrinology

        * Growth & height concerns 

        * Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 & Type 2 

        * Thyroid conditions 

        * Concerns about Puberty

        * Childhood Obesity 

        * Adrenal Conditions 

        * Other childhood hormone issues​

  • Paediatric Infectious Disease

  • Peadiatric Travel Clinic

  • Paediatric Sleep

  • Dietetics

  • Physiotherapy



Pandan Valley

  • Evening clinic sessions at Pandan Valley will resume for Tuesdays and Fridays

Dr Theodric Lee

  • We welcome Dr Theodric Lee to our Kinder Clinic Team on 14 Sep 2020.  

        Dr Theodric Lee is an experienced Paediatric

       consultant with special interest in Sleep and

       Respiratory medicine will be practicing in our

       Parkway Parade & Paragon branches from

       14th of September 2020 onwards.

       Our Parkway Parade branch now has full day

       consult sessions.  For appointments with

       Dr Vasanthi and Dr Theordric, kindly call our

       Parkway Parade branch at  6342 4821.

       For appointments with Dr Theodric at our

       Paragon branch, please call at 6732 4718.